TrailBlazers – A Conversation with Yuii Panyapayatjati

Conversations with Yuii Panyapayatjati

At Hyphen, we believe that innovation and creativity can take many different forms. In this “Conversations with Trailblazers” series, we focus on unexpected innovators, sharing their stories and what makes them tick. Meet Yuii Panyapayatjati, from MoneyGuru.


Tell us more about your role here at Hyphen

I’m a Senior Content Specialist at MoneyGuru. My role is to plan, research and write for different types of content to support our different marketing initiatives as well as create brand awareness for MoneyGuru in Thailand. You can see my work in our blog articles, social media posts, or press releases. 

What motivated you to be a Senior Content Specialist?

I believe in the power of good content as it can really help people. It can be either useful to them, inspire them or motivate them to take action. I really love reading and writing, so I started my career as a freelance journalist and writer. Joining the content team at MoneyGuru was definitely an important milestone for my career because I now can combine my passion with my work! 

What do you think is important to your role? 

Knowing your customers! It may sound cliché, but understanding their pain points is definitely the foundation. That’s how we can actually address their problems. Our role is to provide the latest and insightful information to our Thai users so that they are well-informed of the available options in the market and can choose the right products that address their financial needs.

‘Blaze the Trail’ is one of Hyphen’s core values. What does it mean to you and the work that you do? 

The opportunity to keep exploring and learning. It is especially important in the ever-changing digital world. For example, the content that goes viral today may go out of trend tomorrow. So, it’s essential to never stop learning, adapting and embracing every unknown challenge.

What is the biggest challenge to be creative or innovative? How do you tackle it?

I used to doubt myself and hesitate to try a new idea because I was always worried about the result. But I have learnt that I can only know the result after it is done. While the outcome may not be what I have expected, the journey is always valuable. I won’t get any new experiences or grow if I don’t have the courage to try new things. 

What advice would you give to your teammates who are seeking creativity or innovation?

I would say “Never stop learning and always try out new things.” What really matters is to keep on learning, and to do your best. One real good source of learning has been my friends and colleagues. And if that doesn’t work, then being the bookworm that I am, I’ve always been able to find inspiration in reading books or scouring social media. 


Conversations with Trailblazers is a series introducing the innovators at Hyphen and learning what makes them tick.
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