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Hong Kong

MoneyHero is the leading personal finance platform in Hong Kong reaching 70% of the working population, offering access to a broad range of products.

MoneyHero is a leading online personal finance platform based in Hong Kong. We offer comprehensive comparison and analysis of over 350 financial products spanning banking, investment and insurance. MoneyHero also offers a range of exclusive rewards to incentivise gaining financial literacy and confidence among our users, encouraging them to equip themselves to make well-informed choices to align with their financial goals.

So far, MoneyHero has gained a strong following in Hong Kong, attracting over 70% of the working population. We help over 100,000 users make a decision to apply for financial products through us monthly. Furthermore, we launched the MoneyHero App in 2023, giving users free access to their personal credit score and report – the first of its kind. Since its launch in February we have helped over 28,000 individuals check-in on their financial health.

MoneyHero continues to equip Hong Kongers with financial knowledge and tools for better financial decision-making. Find out more at https://www.moneyhero.com.hk/

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SingSaver is a leading personal finance platform in Singapore that boosts financial literacy with user-friendly content and an all-in-one finance comparison service.

SingSaver is Singapore’s fastest-growing personal finance platform. We strive to help increase the financial literacy of users in Singapore, with easy-to-understand finance reads, and an all-in-one comparison platform of financial products spanning various verticals such as credit cards, personal loans, insurance, investments and more.

We also offer a wide array of rewards to further incentivise users to choose us for their personal finance needs, while showing our appreciation to our loyal customers over the years. Want to learn more about how SingSaver empowers users in Singapore to make better money decisions? Visit us here https://www.singsaver.com.sg/

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Money101 is a fast-growing personal finance comparison platform reaching millions of Taiwanese consumers monthly, helping them find the best products for their needs.

Money101 is Taiwan's fastest-growing online financial comparison platform. On Money101, consumers can easily and quickly compare the rates and services for consumer finance products in Taiwan. We help consumers save time and money by finding the best products for their needs and by providing resourceful guides and articles through our comparison platform and blog.

Founded in 2014, Money101 has reached around 5 million online visitors per month and worked with more than 20 financial institutions across diverse verticals including credit card, personal loan, mortgage, bank and stock account and other financial services.

Money101 is a portfolio of digital finance companies that empowers and connects people to a better financial future through innovative tools, personalized digital experiences and expert insights, and accelerates the digitization of the financial industry.

Learn more about how Money101 connects technologies, empowers people and builds the future of finance at https://money101.com.tw

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Moneymax helps millions of Filipinos in comparing and applying for financial products while earning exclusive rewards, driving financial inclusion for all.

Moneymax is the Philippines’ largest personal finance platform that has helped over 60 million Filipinos compare, choose, and apply for financial products that fit their needs and get exclusive rewards in the process.

Beyond our free and impartial platform that makes financial products accessible, Moneymax also helps Filipinos make the best financial decision through educational content published on our blog, email, and social media channels.

Learn more about Moneymax and its offerings at https://www.moneymax.ph/

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Seedly is Singapore’s largest personal finance community, allowing users to crowdsource knowledge for financial decisions.

Seedly is a Singapore-born personal finance management solution founded in 2016. It started off as an expense tracking and management app that allowed users to sync their financial accounts and better manage their cash flow.

Over the years, Seedly has grown to become Singapore's largest personal finance community. It was the first in Singapore to introduce a community feature that allows users to crowdsource knowledge from peers before making a financial decision, as well as an unbiased reviews platform for a myriad of financial and lifestyle products ranging from credit cards, saving accounts, insurance, open electricity market retailers, SIM-only mobile plans and more. In addition, it produces in-house content such as editorial thought leadership articles, SeedlyTV, and SeedlyComics that help Singaporeans make smarter personal finance decisions.

Seedly is also the organiser of the Seedly Personal Finance Festival. In 2019, it organised the first Seedly Personal Finance Festival with 1,200 Singaporean attendees from all walks of life. By 2023, Seedly Personal Finance Festival garnered more than 3,000 attendees, making it Singapore's biggest personal finance festival. Know More - https://seedly.sg/

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Expanding our ecosystem and user reach by enabling third-party online channel partners and content creators to connect to our commercial partners.

Creatory is part of MoneyHero Group’s portfolio of personal finance brands, connecting all of the participants of MoneyHero Group’s ecosystem by promoting creators as the bridge to connect financial institutions with their potential customers.

Creatory offers a solution to creators in Asia, who can use the Creatory platform to connect to income earning opportunities and partner with the brands and products that best align with their values and personal brand, with end-to-end support throughout the whole process. The platform, which previously launched in 2019 under the name eKos_Connect, has already been collaborating with over 350 creators, across Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia and Philippines and has helped its creators collectively earn a total of over US$1.5 million.

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